Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I thought this was in my past... guess not!

It just follows me. Yes, our house was rolled Halloween night by the group of boys Sage hangs with. It reminded me of my Jr. High Years. Our house in Woodward was ALWAYS rolled. I thought it was pretty funny, Jeff on the other hand did not. He had to clean it up. And all that know him. He couldn't leave any of it on the trees. I don't have pictures, but he had the ladder out getting every piece out. Only Jeff would take the time to do that.
The boys said our house wasn't very fun to do because the trees aren't big enough. I couldn't agree more. The girls are just waiting on the PERFECT night to get them back!!

How old is to old??

I do think Sage is getting a little to old to trick or treat, but they wanted to do it one more year. She went with all her friends all over the neighborhood. They all dressed up like little kids. We went with Blayre and she was a go getter! Greg Whitley would have been so proud! She wanted more and more candy. She was pretty funny. The weather was BEAUTIFUL and everyone had a goodnight. I enjoyed seeing everyone in their costumes. Everyone was sure CUTE!!


I know.... I haven't been a very good blogger lately. Sorry! I have been busy though. No excuse, I know! Everyone is busy. I guess I have just been lazy. Here is Sage and her friends on homecoming night. All the cheerleaders wore mums to school, so Sage HAD to have one. Katy is VERY good in football. Sage's best friends' ( Natalie, the one in the middle) dad is the offensive coach, so she has been blessed to get to go to every game. It isn't like the Boom, people wait in line for HOURS to buy tickets to sold out games. It is CRAZY!! The girls have a lot of fun!
I will be honest, I do cry sometimes when I look at Sage so grown up. Jeff makes fun of me. It is just hard to believe how grown up she is.