Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bump, Set, Spike

So, here is our first volleyball game. I didn't get to see it! ( I had class that night) But everyone said she did GREAT!! She didn't get much playing time. ( she is on the A team, but the second squad) But when she was on the court she played her heart out. All 3 teams won ! Sage is really enjoying it. She doesn't like getting up At 4:45 four days a week, But she better get ready she still has basketball season to go :) !!!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Go, Go, G O F I G H T Win!!!!!

Here it is the 1st football game. Sage did well and had a lot of fun cheering! They rotate cheering for the A, B, and C teams. This night was the B team. They lost, but that was OK. Here are some pictures of our 1st night. I will have more from later games.

Their jump are pretty funny. We hope over the course of the year they get better!!!!

Blayre HATES anything with a costume, so she was looking for the tiger all night to make sure she wasn't coming close to her.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Been there, Done that!

Well, we survived Ike! I thought it would be kinda interesting to see what a hurricane was like, but after just a cat 2 I don't think I will " hunker down" for another one. It was like being in a 12 hour tornado. You could hear the shingles being ripped off my roof. My fence blowing apart and hitting the house. I did look outside a couple of times (which is a no, no. They tell you to stay away from windows) and my little trees were on the ground from the wind blowing as hard as it did! (they did survive) We only lost power for about 12 hours. Which was a real blessing! And I only have a leak in my breakfast area. So Jeff and some other guys got up there during the pouring rain and put a tarp on it (Blayre calls it my "Blanklet" that is how she says blanket. it is pretty cute!) It is just a mess down here. You have to wait in line for hours if you can find a gas station with gas. And forget about getting any groceries. Milk and bread are a impossible to find. They shut most of the grocery stores down at night so they can try and restock the little they have. (even Wal- mart) They bring the police in to help. It is truly unlike anything I have ever seen before. Sage has been out of school all week, they are trying to clean up, but there is a lot of damage. And we have nothing compared to those down south. It is like a bomb went off. But with all that we feel so blessed to have power and a roof over our heads. God is so good. This week we have the most beautiful weather. It has been in the 70's and at night in the 60's. What an AWESOME GOD! During this whole time the Casting Crowns song "I will praise you in this Storm" comes to mind. We have to give him the praise he most definenlty deserves!!
Sorry about the picutre

My parents house
Help on the way!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prayers please for the Stanfields....

Just wanted to ask for prayers for some friends of ours. We are not real close, really only sit behind them at church, but they hold a dear place in my heart. They as well have experienced a death of a child. Kenzie is pregnant with her 3rd (a little girl, Faith Claire) and went into premature labor. She is 26 weeks. I know God is in control and has his loving arms around them. And I also know God answers prayers. They are a super sweet couple! Please keep them in your prayers!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Before school fun!

Yes, I am truely CRAZY! Most of you all already know this, but me and another mom took 14 kids to Fiesta Texas. 7 boys and 7 girls. We had a really good time. I turned back into a kid myself. I rode all the rides and loved every minute of it! Here is some of our pictures of our day.