Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Birthday Party!!!

So we had Sage's Birthday party Saturday night at a mini golf place. Not a good idea on my part. (What was I thinking taking 24 Jr high kids.) Nobody was hurt to bad, but I am sure the manager was glad to see us go! Sage had a blast and so did everyone else!

My Baby is 12...

I am really feeling old! Sage turned 12 on the 24th of April. She is a really good young lady. I feel so blessed that she is my daughter! She is truly beautiful both inside and out! She does keep reminding me in 4 years she will be driving! So scary. I will just pray she is not like her mother! So far I am good!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We Love Concerts

We are concert junkies down here in Texas! Sage has been to more concerts in 4 years than I ever thought about! Here is just one. It was a pretty big one, Hannah Montanna and Miley Cyrus! This was Blayres 1st and she loved every minute of it! She is the BIGGEST Fan at the small age of 2. She HAS to wear a Hannah shirt everyday! We have seen almost all the Disney stars now! ( Thank Goodness) Sage and Blayre wanting for her to come on Stage!
Hannah Montanna!!!
Sage having fun!!!

Blayre sang every word to every song! She loved it!

This was Miley's grandma. You could meet her before the concert!

Her tour bus!

My worst Nightmare!!!

Most of you already know, but Sage made Jr High Cheerleader! Crazy huh! I am really proud of her! 30 girls tried out and 12 made it. Yes she is still going to try out for the basketball, volleyball and the golf team. Here is a few pictures of her before tryouts. She did look the part! I just can't believe I am a cheer mom! Never in my wildest dreams! Sage and Natalie before heading in! Sage and Blayre ( look at that BOW!)

My KJH Cheerleader!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Blue Bonnets

Sage and Blayre

What cute little girls!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here we go...

I have decided to join the blogging world. I love to get on here and see everyones beautiful families. I will try and keep up.